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NADCA Certified HVAC Cleaning in Bexley Ohio

NADCA: The HVAC Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Association, otherwise known as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), was formed in 1989 as a nonprofit association of companies engaged in the cleaning of HVAC systems. Its original mission was to promote source removal as the only acceptable method of cleaning and to establish industry standards for the association.

NADCA’s mission has expanded to include qualified companies engaged in the inspection, cleaning and restoration of HVAC systems. NADCA supports members' success with standards, education, certification, marketing and advocacy to promote ethics and the highest quality services. The goal of the association is for its members to be the number one resource for consumers and other entities seeking air duct cleaning and HVAC inspection, cleaning and restoration in Bexley Ohio.

Health Benefits of HVAC Cleaning in Bexley OH

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have been shown to collection a variety of contaminants such as mold, fungi, bacteria and very small particles of dust that have the potential to affect overall health, The removal of such contaminants from the HVAC system and home should be considered one component in an overall plan to improve indoor air quality within your Bexley Ohio home or business.

How can I determine if my Bexley OH HVAC system cleaning was effective?

The best way to determine if the HVAC system cleaning was effective is to perform a visual inspection of the system before and after cleaning. If any dust or debris can be seen during the visual inspection, the system should not be considered cleaned. While you can perform your own visual inspection using a flashlight and mirror, a professional cleaning contractor should be able to allow you better access to system components and perhaps the use of specialized inspection tools.

How often should residential HVAC systems be cleaned in Bexley Ohio?

Frequency of HVAC systems duct cleaning in Bexley OH depends on several factors, not the least of which is the preference of the homeowner. Some of the things that may lead a homeowner to consider more frequent cleaning include:

  • smokers in the household
  • pets that shed high amounts of hair and dander
  • water contamination or damage to the home or HVAC system
  • residents with allergies or asthma who might benefit from a reduction in the amount of indoor air pollutants in the home’s HVAC system
  • after home renovations or remodeling
  • prior to occupancy of a new home.

Why should I choose a NADCA member to have my air ducts cleaned?

NADCA members have signed a Code of Ethics stating they will do everything possible to protect the consumer and follow ACR, the NADCA Standard, for cleaning to the best of their ability. Find a NADCA professional near you. Air duct cleaning companies must meet strict requirements to become a NADCA member. Among those requirements, all NADCA members must have a certified Air System Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) on staff who has taken and passed the NADCA certification examination. Passing the exam demonstrates extensive knowledge in HVAC design and cleaning methodologies. ASCSs are also required to further their industry education by attending seminars in order to maintain their NADCA certification status. More information on the NADCA Code of Ethics can be found at www.NADACA.com.

Will HVAC system cleaning reduce our home energy bills?

Research by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has demonstrated that HVAC system cleaning may allow systems to run more efficiently by removing debris from sensitive mechanical components. Clean, efficient systems are less likely to break down, have a longer life span and generally operate more effectively than dirty systems.

NADCA certified HVAC systems cleaner in Bexley, OH

We are a NADCA certified HVAC systems cleaning company that proudly serves Bexley, Ohio.

Commercial HVAC Cleaning Services in Bexley Ohio

If there's dust in your ducts, then there's dust in your lungs! Keep your happy, healthy, and allergen free with our certified clean up specialist. We offer a variety of services for both residential homes and commercial buildings.
  • HVAC Systems Cleaning
  • Air Handling Unit Cleaning (Fans, Coils, etc)
  • HVAC Ductwork Cleaning
  • Exhaust Ductwork Cleaning
  • AHU (Air Handling Unit) Mold Remediation and Treatment
  • Duct Work Mold Remediation and Treatment
  • Paint Booth Cleaning
  • Dust Cleanup
  • Cooling Tower Cleanup
  • Blown-in Insulation Removal

Pringles Inc. is proud to provide professional duct cleaning service to Bexley, Ohio

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Pringles, Inc. specializes in cleaning heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in all kinds of applications. From duct and coil cleaning to HVAC mold remediation and antimicrobial treatment, we are your certified air system cleaning specialists.

Call Us: (614) 733-0900 Toll Free: 1 (800) 890-8888
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About Bexley Ohio 43209

Bexley Ohio began as a village and was founded in 1908. The Central Ohio subdivision is known for its historic neighborhoods, highly ranked public school system, walkable Main Streets and Capital University.

Notable Landmarks in Bexley Ohio

The village of Bexley was incorporated in 1908 when the neighborhoods of Bullit Park to the north and Pleasant Ridge to the south combined. Bullit Park had formed in the late 1800's as a neighborhood occupied by wealthy Columbus residents who constructed country homes and urban estates east of Alum Creek along Broad Street. Pleasant Ridge was a Lutheran community rooted in the academic environment of Capital University, which located in the neighborhood in 1876. After reaching a population of 5,000 in the late 1920's, Bexley became a city in 1932. Today, Bexley has a population of over 13,000 residents, with over 4,000 households in the City. It is geographically compact, located within a 2.5 square mile footprint bounded by Alum Creek to the west, Gould Road to the east, Delmar Drive to the north, and Livingston Avenue to the south.

Paint Booth Cleaning in Bexley Ohio

If you make use of a spray paint booth for painting projects in Bexley Ohio, you will need to know how to clean it after it has been used. By following a few steps, you can ensure that the task is undertaken correctly and thoroughly.

Step 1 – Inspecting the Paint Booth in Bexley Ohio

Start by examining the spray paint booth to get an idea of the extent of work that is required in order to clean it. Even if you clean the paint booth after every use, check corners and edges to ensure that old deposits of paint have not been overlooked. In the event that this is the case, you will get an idea of the sections that you need to concentrate on. In addition, determine what type of paint has been used within the paint booth booth to help you to decide how to remove it.

Step 2 – Prepare Paint Booth in Bexley Ohio

Prepare the spray paint booth by making sure that it properly sealed and that any vents or grates are closed. When it comes to automatic booths that can dispense paint at the touch of a button, make sure that the power supply is turned off before beginning any cleaning.

If the paint booth is a large one that is designed to paint cars and other large items, it is likely to comprise fans that are used to suck air out into the atmosphere in order to maintain a certain pressure. Make sure that these are turned off before beginning so that they don’t create a problem during the cleaning process.

Step 3 – Clean Paint Booth Surfaces in Bexley Ohio

Protect your skin by wearing overalls and protective gloves. A small spray paint booth can be manually cleaned with a scrubbing brush. Water-based paint tends to be the easiest types to clean and be done with a solution of water and paint removing solvent. Begin at the upper end of the box and work your way down by soaking the brush rather than pouring the solution directly onto the surface. Rinse the surface with clean water after you are satisfied that the paint has been removed.

For other types of paint and stubborn deposits, soak a cloth in a solution that contains a larger amount of paint removing solvent. Use a pressure washer for a larger spray paint booth, which should be sufficient to remove water-based paint. In addition to the other protective wear, use a face mask to prevent yourself inhaling any resulting vapor. With the doors closed, start at the top and work your way down. Pay particular attention to corners and edges. Wipe the surfaces with a cloth to remove as much excess water as possible.

Step 4 – Clean Accessories

In addition the main body of the booth, it is also necessary to clean the small items that make up the booth. If it is possible to remove the spray nozzles, do this to enable you to clean them thoroughly. Use a cloth to clean air filters and vents as well as well as any fans to ensure that the booth is ventilated properly.

Mold Remediation in Bexley Ohio

As a qualified mold remediation company, we understands the science behind mold and mold growth. Pringles Inc. Professional mold remediation specialists have the training and expertise to remediate the mold in your home or business in Bexley Ohio. Mold remediation focuses on getting mold levels back to normal, natural levels.

8 Tips to Clean up Mold

Protect Yourself: Mold Remediation in Bexley OH

Put on personal protective equipment such as gloves, mask, goggles to protect your eyes, nose, mouth and skin.

Toss: Mold Remediation in Bexley OH

Take it out! Anything that was wet with flood water can't be cleaned and dried completely within 24 to 48 hours should be taken outside. Take photos of discarded items for filing insurance claims.

Air it out: Mold Remediation in Bexley OH

Open all doors and windows when you are working, and leave as many open as you safely can while you leave.

Circulate: Mold Remediation in Bexley OH

When electricity is safe to use, use fans and dehumidifies to remove moisture.

Don't mix cleaners: Mold Remediation in Bexley OH

If you use cleaning poducts, do not mis cleaning products together. DO NOT mix beach and ammonia because it can create toxic vapors.

Scrub surfaces: Mold Remediation in Bexley OH

Clean with water and detergent. Remove all mold you can see. Dry right away.

Don't cover it, remove it: Mold Remediation in Bexley OH

Painting or caulking over mold will not prevent mold from growing. Fix the water problem completely and clean up all the mold before you paint or caulk.

Dry it up: Mold Remediation in Bexley Ohio

Dry your home and everything in it as quickly as possible; within 24 to 48 hours if you can.

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HVAC systems air duct cleaning in Bexley, OH
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 15 reviews
by As found on Angie's List on HVAC systems air duct cleaning in Bexley, OH
Accommodating and efficient

I was referred to Pringles by the HVAC company that had just installed my new furnace/ac. I am so happy I hired them, their price was very reasonable, and the techs that did the work were very professional, accommodating and efficient. Plus, when i called to get info on the service and then called back to get some additional info they were helpful and provided great customer service. It took about as long as they had advised, plus they called to see if i could move the appointment up a little, and since i was able to the scheduling worked best for everyone involved. Very happy with them, and will hire again.

by As seen on Angie's List on HVAC systems air duct cleaning in Bexley, OH
Very detailed work

Excellent. They were detailed and protected my floors. They even put booties on so they would not track in

by Anonymous on HVAC systems air duct cleaning in Bexley, OH
Worth the money

Yes, they are expensive. But my understanding is that they are the only air duct company in town that is certified for mold remediation. When you see the huge vacuum truck they use, you can tell this is the real deal. Much more extensive than the $79 service some HVAC places offer.

by As found on Angie's List on HVAC systems air duct cleaning in Bexley, OH
On time, friendly, and professional work

Overall i was very pleased with the service provided. They responded quickly to my call, were on time, friendly, professional, and careful moving furniture where required.

by As seen on Angie's List on HVAC systems air duct cleaning in Bexley, OH
Quick and proficient work

They did a great job and very quick. They are very professional. They answered all of my questions.

by As found on Angie's List on HVAC systems air duct cleaning in Bexley, OH
Prompt and professional

They were prompt, professional and priced right.

by As seen on Angie's List on HVAC systems air duct cleaning in Bexley, OH

Punctual, complete and reported what they found...I was impressed. Not only list with Angie's List but also recommended by the furnace comapany.

by As found on Angie's List on HVAC systems air duct cleaning in Bexley, OH
Very courteous

Very courteous. They even were senstive to the fact we had indoor skittish cats. They did the whole house plus coil in about an hour. I could tell the difference in dust etc... After they left.

by As seen on Angie's List on HVAC systems air duct cleaning in Bexley, OH
Very friendly

This company was very friendly and did a great job with the work.

by As seen on Angie's List on HVAC systems air duct cleaning in Bexley, OH
Did work needed to get job done

They had to create an access opening by our furnace in order to accommodate their vacuum & in doing so shifted the furnace off of its base causing water from the a/c to leak on the floor. It was easily remedied by pushing the furnace back on the base.

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