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Improve Indoor Air Quality for Your Business!

For commercial property owners, having the best indoor air quality is important for your business. Your employees, visitors and guests will surely thank you for the clean air. Therefore, commercial air duct cleaning is a must for every business. Air is constantly flowing into almost every room through the HVAC system. Regularly scheduled commercial air duct cleaning services help maintain breathable air for everyone.

Eliminate bacteria with commercial air duct cleaning!

A building's HVAC structure has become a widely recognized as an Air Quality concern. The benefits of cleaning commercial air ducts of microbiological contaminants include creating a healthy and safe environment for employees, residents or occupants. If your HVAC air duct system is left uncleaned, then it can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and fungi. Keep your air ducts clean! Contact Pringles Inc. and get expert advice.

Save money and energy with commercial air duct cleaning!

There are many ways a clean air duct can save your business money. Clean air ducts improves the HVAC effectiveness. Debris, dirt and dust accumulation will cause your HVAC unit to work harder, which uses more energy. Therefore having clean commercial air ducts will save your company money in the long run. The debris blowing through the HVAC unit can also cause stress on the working parts. This stress can decrease the lifespan of the HVAC unit. As a result of professional air duct cleaning, your HVAC system can last longer!

Pringles Inc. cleans all commercial air duct units. No job is too big or too small!

  • hospitals and clinics
  • schools and universities
  • retail businesses
  • shopping centers
  • office buildings
  • apartment complexes
  • hotels

NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association)

Our commercial air duct cleaners are NADCA certified. Therefore we follow strict HVAC unit cleaning and safety practices based on a national standard. Beyond this, our commercial air duct cleaners have extensive experience with all commercial properties. If you need commercial air duct cleaning, then contact us today for a quote!

NADCA: The HVAC Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Association, otherwise known as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), was formed in 1989 as a nonprofit association of companies engaged in the cleaning of HVAC systems. Its original mission was to promote source removal as the only acceptable method of cleaning and to establish industry standards for the association. [The Benefits of HVAC cleaning]

Thorough Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Pringles Inc. always does a thorough commercial air duct cleaning job! We let you know the before and after results! We confirm our work on your system, equipment and facility while demonstrating outstanding quality control. Our commercial air duct cleaning team will be sure to bring your HVAC air duct system up to industry compliance!

We make sure you commercial air ducts are thoroughly cleaned and the air will be more breathable! As a result, your employees and customers will be happy! Rest assured that your commercial air ducts are in professional hands!

Why Choose Pringles Inc.?

  • NADCA Certified Company
  • ASCS on Staff
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Photo / Video Inspections Available
  • Truck-Mounted Vac, Power Vac and HEPA Vac Capable
  • Ventilation Systems Mold Remediator – VSMR on Staff
  • Photographic Progress Reports Available

Ready for a Breath of Fresh Air?

Contact Pringles Inc. now and schedule commercial air duct cleaning service anywhere in Columbus Ohio or Central OH. Get a quote from one of our friendly service members. Call Now: (614)-768-2642 or 1-800-890-8888. Alternatively, you can also fill out our contact form below.

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Best in Commercial HVAC Systems Ceaning!

Your commercial air ducts and HVAC system is an intricate part of your business. We keep them clean for you!

Commerciall duct cleaning

Professional Certified HVAC Systems Cleaners!

Our professionals are NADCA Certified and we know our way around HVAC systems!

Commerciall HVAC systems cleaning

HVAC Systems Cleaning for Commercial Business!

We are thorough in detail and cleaning! Rest assured that our team will clean every inch of your HVAC system!

HVAC Systems Cleaning Columbus Ohio and Central Ohio

Schedule Commercial Duct Cleaning

Setting up an appointment is easy! Pringles Inc. will come to your commercial business and clean your ducts when it's convenient for you! We provide thorough and flexible commercial air duct cleaning service to all areas of Columbus Ohio: 43002, 43004, 43016, 43017, 43026, 43035, 43054, 43065, 43068, 43081, 43082, 43085, 43109, 43110, 43119, 43123, 43125, 43137, 43147, 43201, 43202, 43203, 43204, 43205, 43206, 43207, 43209, 43210, 43211, 43212, 43213, 43214, 43215, 43217, 43219, 43220, 43221, 43222, 43223, 43224, 43227, 43228, 43229, 43230, 43231, 43232, 43235, 43240.

Other Service Areas

Bexley, Blacklick, Canal Winchester, Clintonville, Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Gahanna, Galena, Galloway, German Village, Grandview Heights, Grove City, Groveport, Hilliard, Lewis Center, Marble Cliff, New Albany, Obetz, Pickerington, Powell, Reynoldsburg, Sunbury, Upper Arlington, West Jefferson, Westerville, Whitehall, Worthington.

Commercial Duct Cleaning Beyond Columbus Ohio

Call or send us a message for more information! We have served commercial clients in Akron, Canton, Chillicothe, CincinnatiCleveland, Dayton, Findlay, Hamilton, Kent, Newark, Lorain, Parma and more!

Commercial Duct Cleaning Clients

We have proudly worked with many organizations in Ohio. Some of our past clients include:

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Commercial Duct Cleaning
Average rating:  
 23 reviews
 by A Commercial Client Review from Angie's List
Professional commercial duct cleaning, Columbus, Ohio!

Splendidly. Joe was responsive, professional, prompt, and listened to our needs. He provided a timely estimate via email and quickly scheduled the job. His crew arrived on time and went right to work. They kept me aware of the findings, cleaned up after all work, and replaced all duct covers and furnace filters. They were professional and worked around the obstacles of other contractors at work, as well. Truly a gem--highly recommend!!

 by A client review from Angie's List
A professional HVAC cleaning company with no up sells!

Pringles was professional throughout the whole process. Scheduling was accomplished with minimal hassle on the first call to the company. The workers arrived promptly at the scheduled time and, from all we can tell, did a thorough and excellent job. They were courteous and professional and performed all work we had arranged. There were no "upsells" or unexpected charges. Although the price is far higher than what some companies charge for this type of service, from what I can tell as a layperson, I believe Pringles does quality work versus the "blow and go" style duct-cleaning places.

 by A client review from Angie's List
A home run! Experienced commercial HVAC systems cleaning!

It was great. The 2-man crew was a little early, but that was fine by me. Once they checked where the furnace was, they got started. They needed driveway space to pull up the truck. The truck is the muscle of this company. They run a suction duct from the truck down into the furnace, block off all the heating vents, turn on the suction and then blow the vents down one by one and then the returns. Now the cool part is that the whole bed of the truck is a giant fan and filter combo that can pull with a suction of 15,000 cfm!! (I didn't add an extra zero... 15K cubic feet per minute!!) The fan is run as a power take-off from the engine! I wish I got a pic of the array of filter bags extending off the top of the truck when it was running; 8 or so giant filter bags about 6-8 feet tall when inflated. It was impressive. I've owned this house for 10 years and as it turns out my house had never had the ducts cleaned (~44 years.) So, there was alot of accumulated dust/dirt/debris. I would use these guys again in a heartbeat and I plan to in about 6 years. I felt that they did a great job working around my clutter and they were very efficient. This wasn't some shopvac special. They didn't ask or coax the dust and debris from the ducts; they EVICTED the dirt and debris. I could hear the dirt being pulled out! That blower on high can supposedly pull a brick down it's suction duct, and I believe it. (Note: I think I used a similar set-up on the back of a tractor at the golf course I used to work at before the army; That leaf blower could blow off a fully wet-leaf covered fairway in two passes! It was much louder than the set-up used today, but the blower was about the same size: E-normous!) Powerful. Well, so far, so good, Angie's List. This was my first use and it was a homerun. Thanks. -Joe

 by As seen on Angie's List
Accommodating and efficient

I was referred to Pringles by the HVAC company that had just installed my new furnace/ac. I am so happy I hired them, their price was very reasonable, and the techs that did the work were very professional, accommodating and efficient. Plus, when I called to get info on the service and then called back to get some additional info they were helpful and provided great customer service. It took about as long as they had advised, plus they called to see if I could move the appointment up a little, and since I was able to the scheduling worked best for everyone involved. Very happy with them, and will hire again.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Very detailed work

Excellent. They were detailed and protected my floors. They even put booties on so they would not track in.

 by As seen on Angie's List
On time, friendly, and professional work

Overall I was very pleased with the service provided. They responded quickly to my call, were on time, friendly, professional, and careful moving furniture where required.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Quick and professional work

They did a great job and very quick. They are very professional. They answered all of my questions.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Prompt and professional

They were prompt, professional and priced right.

 by As seen on Angie's List

Punctual, complete and reported what they found...I was impressed. Not only list with Angie's List but also recommended by the furnace company.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Worth the money

Yes, they are expensive. But my understanding is that they are the only air duct company in town that is certified for mold remediation. When you see the huge vacuum truck they use, you can tell this is the real deal. Much more extensive than the $79 service some HVAC places offer.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Very Courteous

Very courteous. They even were sensitive to the fact we had indoor skittish cats. They did the whole house plus coil in about an hour. I could tell the difference in dust etc... After they left.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Very friendly

This company was very friendly and did a great job with the work.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Excellent work done

This was a new house. They did an excellent job, were very courteous, very prompt and professional. I would recommend this company they were a all around great company to work with.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Did work needed to get job done

They had to create an access opening by our furnace in order to accommodate their vacuum & in doing so shifted the furnace off of its base causing water from the a/c to leak on the floor. It was easily remedied by pushing the furnace back on the base.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Nice Company

This was a very nice company. They came when they said they would and worked straight through until they got the job done. I would use them again.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Polite and professional

They did quite a satisfactory job. They were polite and very professional. They came when they said they would and always returned my phone calls promptly. I highly recommend them and would use them again.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Nice to work with

They were very polite and nice to work with.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Very satisfied with work done

The workers arrived on time, appeared to be experienced & professional. They did all the work promised & cleaned up all debris. Openings cut in the ducts & furnace were closed neatly with manufactured plugs. I was very satisfied w/ the work performed.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Very pleased with service

We were very pleased with their service, they did a great job.

 by As seen on Angie's List
Great job

They did a great job.

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