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November 27, 2018
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Willowbrook Christian Village

Client Spotlight: Willowbrook Christian Village in Delaware, Ohio.

Client Spotlight: Willowbrook Christian Village

Willow Brook Christian Village is a senior living community in Delaware County, Ohio. The Village offers a variety of housing and healthcare opportunities. In addition to several kinds of residential options, the community has various areas for dining, activities, laundry, etc. Using a large truck mounted vacuum and smaller portable units, Pringles has been able to keep ductwork in many of these areas sanitized, purified and free from dust, allergens, germs and viruses. The ductwork cleaning can be done with little or no disruption even if the space is currently occupied, according to Jeff McIntosh, Director or Maintenance for Willow Brook. General cleaning and painting, is of course, a small part of turning over the apartments and homes, but cleaning the furnace and ductwork is an essential part of the renovation process at Willow Brook. Residents and their families can be assured that ductwork in these units are cleaned and free from any health hazards. Pringles has been servicing Willow Brook for more that 10 years and McIntosh, especially appreciates the fact that many of the Pringles employees have been there year after year and he has very good rapport with them. It is comforting to know you are working with people who are dependable and know what they are doing is important to the client.

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