Air Duct Mold Removal

We Clean Mold From Your Air Ducts!

At Pringles Inc. we provide air duct mold removal and cleaning services throughout Columbus, Ohio. Our highly trained technicians do the job right, keeping your home clean and healthy for you family for years to come. Our exclusive Air Duct Cleaning System combined with our commitment to complying with all State and local licensing laws results in excellent service and a 90% customer satisfaction rating.

Experienced Mold Remediation in Air Ducts

If you have an air duct mold problem in your Ohio home, you need an experienced service provider that can provide the right solutions to your problem. Since 1996, we have been providing comprehensive air duct mold solutions in Ohio that include air duct repair, air duct sanitizing, air duct cleaning and mold removal services. We do a visual inspection to identify if there is air duct mold growth in your property and help eliminate any other fungus or bacteria from the surfaces in your premises. Any solutions that we provide are customized to address the specific problems found inside your premises. We offer our customers top quality duct cleaning services. We use an array of tools and equipment to ensure we remove excessive dirt and maintain the structural integrity of your home or business air duct system. Everything from blowers, brushes, and vacuums to HEPA filtration systems are used during our cleaning process.

HVAC Mold Cleaner in Columbus, OH